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Plumbing Supplies24 brings you the market leader in Pre-Insulated Pipes at an extremely competitive price!

We sell all of the Uponor Ecoflex range including the End Caps , Couplers and anything else you may need.

Handy Tips and Tricks (Gained from experience !) 

  • Don't forget Uponor recommend a bending radius of 1000mm , so if your going in and out of a trench or around the corner dont forget to factor this in to your measurements.
  • Use the End caps and couplers which are recommended for a perfect fit!
  • The Product is very lightweight - However if you have a large 70/80m order for example a forklift would be better to offload
  • Uponors Official Lead time is 5-7 Working Days
  • Installation videos can be found on YouTube