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  • Screw-in immersion heater, standard 0-85°C


Screw-in immersion heater, standard 0-85°C

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Product Description

Screw-in immersion heaters are used as an additional electric heating in storage tanks. Whether as an emergency heating or additional heating for air/water/heat pumps, these immersion heaters provide various application fields. The capacity range can be selected depending on the immersion heater, from 2.0 kw up to 10 kw. Power supply depends on the kw number over 230 V or 400 V. When selecting the installation depth, please note that depending on the tank diameter, you can choose between 260 and 800 mm. The use is possible in service water or heating water depending on the type of immersion heater. The operating pressure is max. 10 bar and the temperature range lies between 0...28...110° C..

The screw-in heater is for heating up domestic hot water like e.g. as an emergency heater in case of failure of the heat generator, as an additional heating system for air / water heat pumps and solar systems. Due to its small design, it is ideal for a space saving installations. The heater will be delivered with temperature controller, safety limit thermostat and operation pilot light. The heater is made up of 3 U-shaped tubular heating elements, which are soldered into a pressed brass nipple, the non-heated zone is 150 mm for all types. If the switch-off temperature is exceeded, the switching device turns off and remains locked in this position. Reset is performed manually and is only possible after the filling pipe has cooled off by approx. 10° K. The unit can be fitted horizontally or vertically. As soon as the screw-in heater is to be put into operation, the heating elements must be entirely covered by liquid and the circulation of the liquid must not be obstructed.

Technical data:
- electromechanical temperature controller according to DIN 3440
  (mode of action: Type 2 B, according to EN 60 730-1 /-2-9)
- electromechanical temperature limiter according to DIN 3440.
  (mode of action: Type 2 BK, according to EN 60 730-1 /-2-9)
- setting range: 0...28...85°C
- switch-off temperature: 110°C (0-9 K)
- ambient temperature at control unit: max. 50°C (T50)
- thermal differential gap: 11.0 K ± 5.5 K
- calibration tolerance: ± 7 K
- time constant in water: < 45s
- connection thread: R 1½"
- electrical connection: 230 V AC or 3 x 400 V AC
- spring terminal technology
- protection type: IP40 according to EN 60529
- material of heating rod: Cronifer 1.4529, Ø 8.2 mm
- surface load: 8-9 W/cm²
- maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
- suitable for continuous operation
- standardly equipped with operating pilot light


Available in 2kw - 9Kw


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