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How can the condensate pipe be thawed?

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After last years fiasco i have personal experience of this , the weather had dropped to below zero for several days and then suddenly the boiler decided to stitch its self off with a funny gurgling noise!  The RED warning light was on and no matter how many times i tried to reset the flipping thing it would not fire up again!!!

As you do , i googled it and the first thing that came up was 

How can I tell if the boiler's condense pipe has frozen?

Condense pipe? what the heck is that ? , I jumped on facebook (as you do) and low and behold all of the chatter was about "frozen condensate pipe and no heating" , at least i had found what the issue was by the look of it.

So How to fix it?

How can the condensate pipe be thawed?

You should exercise extreme caution at all times when attempting to identify and thaw a condensate pipe.

  • You should only attempt to thaw a condense pipe that is at ground level and which is easily accessible to you. Under no circumstances should you attempt to thaw a condense pipe which is at height, without the assistance of a professionally trained engineer.
  • A hot water bottle or heat wrap (like the ones that can be used to ease muscle discomfort) would be a suitable and safe way of thawing the condense pipe. Hold the hot water bottle or warmed heat wrap around the condensate pipe to thaw it.
  • Once thawed, the boiler must be reset. This can be done by holding the reset button in for 10 seconds and then waiting 2 to 3 minutes for the boiler to refire.

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